The Conscience Art Project

The Conscience Art Project in brief for investors and donors

The Conscience Art Project in brief for investors and donors The Conscience Art is a unique Project initiated by the worldwide famous Artist Anna Chromy (

During her long career, Anna Chromy has created a huge variety of masterpieces, the majority of which are still together, forming the whole and complete collection of her works. Only selected works have been left going because they were asked by stunningly important personas or municipalities all over the world (for a complete idea of the geography of Anna Chromy’s public sculptures, please see the site

The culmination of the artistic and ideological trajectory of Anna Chromy is the Monumental Cloak (, the universal symbol of Conscience and a renovated world, free from the despotism of ego toward the Common Good.

The Conscience Art Project, together with Anna Chromy’s Collection in its entirety, are now being promoted and developed through The Anna Chromy Foundation, a cultural Dutch foundation aiming at reaching public benefit through the using of Anna Chromy’s art assets and ideology in diverse manners. (see Anna Chromy’s Foundation Policy Plan).

The main idea of The Anna Chromy Foundation is to preserve the Collection in its entirety, and through it, spreading the Conscience Art through the world in a diversity of fashions, namely exhibitions, events, research centers et alia. This means only a few works will be on sale and the rest will be leased and subleased to those interested in acquiring a VIP position in the framework of The Anna Chromy Foundation, participating to the Elite Club of the Conscience Art.

Donating to The Anna Chromy Foundation or participating as a Lessee of one or more of its art works, means contributing to the spreading of the highest ideals for the formation of a new world, which is based on cooperation and the Common Good. These values are to be propagated by the financial elite of our world, which is the target donor of the Foundation. Anna Chromy realized her Monumental Cloak from the most prestigious marble and processed it with care and courage: the prestige of receiving it on leasing or subleasing premises is a unique opportunity for those who want to own an unrepeatable right, contributing to finance the most exclusive artistic and ideological project on the global scene. The same applies to all the rest of her Collection- Chromatology, Drawings, Paintings and diverse sculptures

The best materials, the best esthetical values and a new ethics are the basis of each and any of Anna Chromy’s works. As far as the complex value of this art is practically inestimable, The Anna Chromy Foundation has decided not to sell art pieces (except from a very small selection of them), as they are intended to serve the scope of forming the Anna Chromy Permanent Museum and be at disposal of the Foundation for innovative and world-changing new projects and ideas.

Leasing and subleasing plans are available to individuals and companies, so that each can enjoy the unique opportunity of displaying at his own premises, or at The Anna Chromy Foundation’s premises but with his name stated near the work(s), the unique and exclusive masterpieces of the creator of the Conscience Art, Anna Chromy.