Conscience Palace

Conscience Palace,
The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague is the most globally representative city in terms of sensibility towards Justice, Peace, and international dialogue, It has therefore be chosen as one of the centers promoting Anna Chromy’s Conscience Art. In addition, it will offer spaces for international conferences, youth education a.o.

The partners of the Anna Chromy Foundation will have the possibility to develop their research activities within the Palace, as for example a Pharmaceutical Laboratory planning The Anna Chromy Mindful and Digital Medicine Lab. It will have the scope of fostering the development of digital, mindful and empathetic healthcare through variegate initiatives in the realm of the health sector, namely developing digital, innovative and virtual approaches to patients and health.

The Conscience Palace will feature outstanding architectural solutions both in-and outdoor, favoring large spaces enclosed by a harmonious conjunction of wood, glass and marble. The Palace will represent a state-of-the- art, globally valid example of ecological and sustainable architecture, with avant-garde features, in line with Anna Chromy’s Conscience Project, including low energy consumption and the use of natural material.

The mesmerizing variety of visual patterns present in Anna Chromy’s  Conscience Art will be at the heart of the design of spaces, rooms and garden. The high-tech features of the Conscience Palace will be at the cutting edge of technical, ITand cyber solutions, complete with holograms, a virtual museum and exhibitions, virtual events and gatherings and much more.