National Museum of China, 14 October 2015

National Museum of China, 14 October 2015

Anna Chromy’s Sculpture Exhibition Opens in NMC


The Anna Chromy’s sculpture exhibition hosted by the Association of Chinese Urban Sculpture Artists was opened in the National Museum of China (NMC) on October 12, 2015.

Deputy Director Chen Lusheng of the NMC, Deputy Chairman Shang Hui of the Association of Chinese Urban Sculpture Artists, Associate Professor Wang Chunchen of China Central Academy of Fine Arts (also curator of the exhibition) and the artist Anna Chromy attended and spoke at the opening ceremony.

Deputy Director Chen Lusheng said in his speech that Anna Chromy is an outstanding contemporary artist. Her works, widely seen across the world, are so thought-provoking that the viewers always linger in front of them. Today, this exhibition finally opens at the NMC after a good three years of preparation. This exhibition is bound to help Chinese people have a better understanding about the unique talent and signature art of the artist. Deputy Chairman Shang Hui and the curator Wang Chunchen hailed Anna Chromy’s works as models combining Chinese traditional sculpture with contemporary art, of which the symbolic meaning and cultural connotations provide people with food for thought. Anna Chromy indicated that China, a time-honored country, and especially its philosophy exert a lot of influence upon her. With deepest sincerity she came to China. She feels much honored to be able to stage an exhibition in the NMC, the supreme palace of culture and art in China. She believes the fusion between the two cultures will inspire her to create more valuable works.

Artist Anna Chromy, born in Czech Republic and brought up in Austria, learned oil painting in France. Deeply influenced by her teacher Salvador Dali, she is the first and so far the only female artist to have won the Premio Michelangelo Prize.

The exhibition showcases over 30 works by Anna Chromy, including sculptures and sketches, like her representative work Cloak of conscience.

The exhibition will last till October 25, 2015.

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