Torre del Lago Puccini, Gran Teatro All’Aperto, June 2017

The Festival Puccini Season 2017 started with a prologue in June, the Exhibition “Omaggio a Giacomo Puccini. Vissi d’Arte, Vissi d’Amore” curated by Lodovico Gierut and Marilena Cheli Tomei in order to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Puccini’s opera “La Rondine”.
As the program of the Season 2017 includes two operas related to Anna Chromy’s work, “Turandot” and “Madame Butterfly” the Festival has invited Anna Chromy to present her works during the Prologue and the whole season until the end of August.
Anna Chromy choose to present several of her Musicians and the Cloak of Conscience at the Entrance to the Opera House, and the Carmen and the Madame Butterfly Sketches in the large Entrance Hall, together with a Video of her Exhibition in the National Museum of China in Beijing, accompanied by the music of Turandot. For the performance of Turandot, the Festival has invited the China National Opera House from Beijing, an institution, which houses a painting Anna Chromy created for them.