Spiritual Archetypes, Pisa, Tuscany, City center, 2019

Chen Qijie, Investor and Partner in Phoenix Culture Link, Beijing
Patrizia Favale, Assessore al Commercio
e alle Attività Produttive, Comune di Cascina
Freda Huang, Founder and President
of Phoenix Culture Link, Beijing
Dario Rollo, Sindaco di Cascina

Anna Chromy
Pierpaolo Magnani, Assessore alla Cultura, Pisa
Maria Punzo, Consigliere Comunale, Pisa
Wolfgang Stein
Renata Sabongui, Head of International Relations,
Art Academy, Prague

Sala delle Baleari, Palazzo Gambacorti, Seat of Pisa Municipality

In spring 2019, Anna Chromy received from the Mayor of this historic city, known worldwide for its “Leaning Tower”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an offer she could not refuse: The Municipality would organize a “Sculpture Path” across the city center using exclusively Anna’s works, in order to highlight recently renovated public squares and monuments.
The deal was concluded and Anna developed with her team an ingenious guidance and information system, allowing each visitor to follow the path and retrieve the information about each sculpture via QRcode.
Serena Nannelli created with the “Spiritual Archetypes” a very creative interpretation of Anna Chromy’s monumental sculptures, which makes them shine in a totally new light.
The exhibition runs from 20 September to 10 November 2019.