Dream of the East, Beijing, 2009

The Chinese government discovered that Anna was the first European artist ever to have a solo exhibition of painting and sculpture in China. Her arrival and the exhibition received significant attention from all media outlets around the country, and her popularity grew fast: internet browser statistics showed that more than 10 million people viewed her article online.

Below are some highlights following Anna Chromy’s exhibition in Bejing:
– Anna is to be signed as Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sculpture. This nomination is already in effect and the official ceremony will be planned for her next trip. Her Honorable Certificate will be awarded by the Vice Minister of Arts and Culture.
– Anna was invited to make the first speech on European arts and culture in China Foreign Affairs University, and the outcome was a huge success. She is to be invited to make more speeches in the National University of Fine Arts and Qing Hua University.
– As a member of the Chinese Academy of Sculpture, Anna has been invited to help with future city sculpture projects around China.
– Mr. Qiao, from the Chinese Academy of Sculpture and the Arts Culture Department is working on the organization of the World Sculpture Exhibition, which will feature all master sculptors around the world. Anna will be the VIP guest of the exhibition.
– In November 2010 Anna held a united exhibition with the Principal of the Chinese Sculpture Academy and master of Chinese Sculptor Mr. Wu Wei Shan. This featured and illustrated the impact of “when East meets West”.
– Phoenix Satellite, BTV and CCTV are expected to arrange an exclusive private interview with Anna Chromy. This will be broadcast all over the world.
– Negotiations are underway for a sculpture forum.