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There are more than 60 videos available on Anna Chromy’s work, exhibitions, the Cloak of Conscience and the total Conscience Project.



Glance Through a Keyhole

Tribute To A Moment

Dans les Pas de Michel Ange

Anna explains her works in and around her studio

Phoenix art meet with the mayor of Lucca, promote culture exchanges between China and Europe

Anna Chromy explains her Bronze Sculptures and the Cloak of Conscience

Anna Chromy illustra le sue sculture in bronzo e il Mantello della Coscienza

安娜赫罗梅 2011年在圣特罗佩展


Anna Chromy An Artistic Bridge Between Europe and China

Sculpture Exhibition, Paris Place Vendôme

Anna Chromy 2011 in Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez et Anna Chromy, sept 2011

Anna Chromy Tastemaker in China

Anna Chromy Exibition Beijing short version

Anna Chromy Tastemaker in China with english subtitles

“The Cloak of conscience” in National Museum of China

Promo Anna Chromy National Museum

Anna Chromy Astana

Promo Anna Chromy Phoenix TV English Version

Anna Chromy at Phoenix International Media Center, Beijing 2016

Anna Chromy and her sculpture French Version


Coat of Peace by Anna Chromý Salzburg Austria

In memory of W.A. Mozart’s Don Giovanni

The Sound of Bronze – Anna Chromy in Prague

Launch of Le Manteau de la conscience by Anna Chromy in Monaco

Anna Chromy installe une sculpture à Monaco

Installation of a Silk Road sculpture in Phoenix Media Center

Le manteau de la Conscience Artiste Anna Chromy Œuvre permanente à Monaco

Anna Chromy at Menton (Fr)

Anna Chromy, světoznámá malířka a sochařka českého původu, je v Praze

“The Cloak of conscience” in National Museum of China

HAMU získala sochu Franze Schuberta od Anny Chromy

Prague Senovazne Square Czech musicians


The Cloak of Conscience – The making of

Anna Chromy in Studio Michelangelo, Carrara

Anna Chromy and the Cloak of Conscience

The Coat of Peace by Anna Chromy – The Universal Symbol of Conscience

Le Manteau de la Paix de Anna Chromy Le Symbole de la Conscience Universelle

Il Mantello della Pace di Anna Chromy Il Simbolo Universale della Coscienza

Der Mantel des Friendens von Anna Chromy Das Universelle Symbol des Gewissens

Have you forgotten me?

Ti sei dimenticato di me?

Hast Du Mich Vergessen?

¿Me Oldaviste

ты забыл меня?

هل نسيت لي؟

The Coat of Peace Sculpture

Anna Chromy tests a pendulum inside The Cloak


The Chromys Awards Présentation 2013

Interview with Anna Chromy on The Cloak and the Chromy Awards

Anna Chromy on The Chromy Awards and The Cloak

Chromy Award for Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo

Chromy Award 2013 for Amma

Chromy Award 2015 for Massimo Ranieri