Monumental Cloak

Cloak and Museum

Creating a sculpture from such a large block of marble was never going to be easy. Here, over a five year span, we document with pictures, just what was involved, from the Michelangelo Quarry, where the block came from, to its completion five years later at the Michelangelo Studio, Carrarra, Italy

Since Antiquity, people associate special powers with precious and semi-precious stones. The purity of white marble is said to be especially powerful for meditation and the healing of injured souls. The interior Void of the Cloak, with the walls cut like diamonds, give visitors a first-hand experience of these forces.
The Void reminds us, that the essential nature of reality is emptiness, the very source of all life and all forms. Dharma kaya in Buddhism, Brahma in Hinduism, the Tao of Lao Tzu and the Soul in Christianism, pervade all material things in the Universe and reflect the enlightened wisdom in the human mind.
Compassion, Peace, Harmony are the attitudes much needed in our convulsed times. The “Cloak of Conscience” as “Philosophers Stone” shall guide us to find the path out of the current deadlock.
Every visitor will be able to experience the beneficial influence of the energy of the Cloak and achieve a state of emotional and intellectual enlightenment.

It is a sculpture, made from the material used for Michelangelo’s David and Bernini’s Angels, the white Carrara marble of Cave Michelangelo, a crystalline rock of the highest quality.

It is the largest sculpture ever to be sculpted into one single block of 250 tons, a giant gemstone. It is sculpted in its interior as well, to allow experiencing the energy and the purity of marble, inductive to meditation and healing of the soul.

The creator of this masterwork is a widely acknowledged artist, laureate of the Michelangelo, Dali and Kafka Prize, the Golden Medal of the City of Prague, a Honorary Professor of the National Sculpture Academy of China, and more.

Like the Philosopher’s Stone, the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolizing perfections at its finest, enlightenment and heavenly bliss, the sculpture is conceived as the universal symbol of conscience, tolerance and peace.
There is only one original available, impossible to reproduce a second time.