The Power of the Cloak to change our Life

The Energy of Conscience concentrated in the largest Gemstone in history

Diamond and marble are interlocking mosaics of carbonate crystals which give them their power ant attraction. However, while diamond is an allotrope of carbon, marble is a metaphoric rock composed of recrystallized carbon minerals. Its name has come from Ancient Greece and translates literally as “Crystalline Rock” or “Shining Stone”.

Since Antiquity, people associate special powers with precious and semi-precious stones. The purity of white marble is said to be especially powerful for meditation and the healing of injured souls. The interior Void of the Cloak, with the walls cut like diamonds, give visitors a first-hand experience of these forces.

The Void reminds us, that the essential nature of reality is emptiness, the very source of all life and all forms. Dharmakaya in Buddhism, Brahma in Hinduism, the Tao of Lao Tzu and the Soul in Christianism, pervade all material things in the Universe and reflect the enlightened wisdom in the human mind.

Another “Guiding Light” was John Paul II, whom Anna Chromy met on his 82dn Anniversary at St. Peters in Rome. The Archbishop of Salzburg had commissioned as gift the sculpture “Heart of the World” and together they were sitting in the audience to wait for their turn to kneel in front of the Holy Father.

The image of the Pope in his white Cloak, bent from his sufferings, left an unforgettable impression in Anna’s memory, resurfacing many years later in her monumental “Cloak of Conscience”. John Paul thanked Anna in a frail voice for this wonderful gift and read aloud the words of Ezekiel inscribed on the sculpture “Throw away your Heart of Stone, and I will give you a Heart in Flesh”.

Compassion, Peace, Harmony are the attitudes much needed in our convulsed times. The “Cloak of Conscience” as “Philosophers Stone” shall guide us to find the path out of the current deadlock.

Every visitor will be able to experience the beneficial influence of the energy of the Cloak and achieve a state of emotional and intellectual enlightenment.