Myths of Mediterranean


Year: 2000
Material: bronze, color patina
Size: 190h x 180 x 120 cm
Weight: 200 Kg.

“When the wind blows into our eyes, our soul gives us wings”. It was these wings that directed Ulysses home, despite all the temptations he encountered, guided by the most divine feeling, the love of a couple. When young we travel to conquer, in age our roots start pulling, directing us back to our port of departure, as if it were a salvation from our inexorable end. Ulysses becomes thus the symbol for man who, through his trials, proceeds towards knowledge and wisdom, his spiritual home.

Ulysses and the Odyssey are a paradigm, a mirror of ourselves. We spend our life finding ways towards knowledge, overcoming more or less successfully one obstacle after another, and the moment we reach our Creator’s home we leave this existence only to start another. What remains of us on earth is the energy of our Love, which I have symbolized in my Cloak of Conscience.