Myths of Mediterranean


Year: 2003
Material: bronze, color patina
Size: 290h x 70 x 250 cm
Weight: 900 Kg.
“You must imagine Sisyphus happy” said Albert Camus talking about his hero of the absurd; and regarding the subject of the artist he added: “To create means to live twice, the only chance to keep our conscience”. Are we artists, as heralds of the absurd, happier than others? Homer considered Sisyphus the wisest and craftiest of men. How does that apply to us?

To what extent can the creation of a couple, a family, a home, increase or attenuate the absurdity of our existence? Questions that “L’homme revolté” has asked since his creation. My Sisyphus has chosen a family to progress, or at least he tries. His eternal pedalling, which mirrors the boulder rolling down the hill after each ascent, measures the absurdity of our existence. It’s the rebellion against a blind and unjust destiny and the search for a meaning in our life, which confers to us our dignity as humans.