Myths of Mediterranean


Year: 2009
Material: bronze, color patina
Size: 250h x 200 x 135 cm
Weight: 500 Kg.
Prometheus is the creator of man. He has given man fire to allow his survival. He has modeled man out of clay, a gesture repeated since Antiquity by all sculptors, and has given him an aspect similar to God. This similarity was not going to please God, who spoiled the future of humanity by opening Pandora’s Box and spreading disasters on earth.

This genesis of an antique myth gives a better description of our human condition than the sacred texts of the different religions. Despite our spectacular scientific and economic advances, the world is still afflicted by many woes and millions of humans suffer in their flesh and soul, like my tattered Prometheus. We cannot continue like this for much longer.

We have to close Pandora’s Box and discover fire for a second time: the fire of Love. This will entail a profound revolution, spurred by a radical evolution of our conscience, humanity’s only chance to continue a peaceful and sustainable development. As depicted in the 10th and final gate of the Kabala, this change will open our hearts, bring us serenity, maximize our brain power and create a total communication with infinity, symbolized in my sculpture by a half moon.