Myths of Mediterranean

Olympic Spirit

Year: 2004
Material: bronze, color patina
Size: 580h x 110 x 150 cm
Weight: 700 Kg.
In Antiquity the Olympic Games were the greatest of all challenges. Our modern days have added many others, such as space exploration, genetic research, etc. However, today the Games remain a symbol for peaceful competition and the desire to surpass oneself. Yet, these three acrobatic athletes in their precarious balance are also the symbol of life as a permanent challenge.

Technically the Spirit is the most daring of my bronzes. Few believed that it could stay upright. Despite those justified doubts about its apparent imbalance, the Spirit shows a perfect balance and stability. It’s this lost balance which we have to regain if we want humanity to survive on this planet. Otherwise all that is left is the emigration into outer space following the example of these three athletes/astronauts.