Myths of Mediterranean


Year: 2000
Material: bronze, color patina
Size: 300h x 230 x 150 cm
Weight: 1.200 Kg.
“In this world I am a drop of water seeking another drop in the ocean; I dive down to find my companion and dissolve in my quest”. I got my inspiration for Alcyon through the observation of the acrobatic flights of the seagulls in front of my window looking out over the Mediterranean.

What elegance, what lightness, what freedom and effortlessness! A lesson for us poor two-legged creatures. Year after year I see the same couples build their nest and raise their offspring. My Alcyon is the symbol of this fidelity and an abnegation:, she risks her life for her companion. The liberating effect of this sacrifice gives her the wings for her salvation and for her compassion towards others.