Year: 2021
Material: bronze polished gold or patinated
Size: 125h x 85 x 120 cm
Weight: 100 Kg.
Plinth: 40h x 105 x 145 cm
Plinth Weight: 70 Kg.

The Silk Road

Year: 2005
Material: polished bronze
Size: 200h x 80 x 80 cm
Weight: 250 Kg

The Chinese government chose the “SILK ROAD” as the official theme for the Chinese Pavilion in EXPO 2015 at Milano. Anna Chromy was honored to create the sculpture symbolizing the Silk Road for this participation.

The artist chose a design with two bionic towers symbolizing the new city developments along the ancient road. The towers end in two stylized hands holding the world between them, as symbols for the eastern and western ends of the Road, connecting the two most advanced civilizations of that time.

The towers are engraved with ornaments showing the caravans which brought the silk and other goods from China to Europe. On top of the globe flies the Angel of Peace, as a tribute to the City of Xi’an (signifying Eternal Peace), the eastern beginning of the Road.

The bronze sculpture is 200 cm high, with a base of 80 x 80 cm on which the main itinerary of the Silk Road has been engraved. The Chinese section of the Road is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The sculpture is intended to be enlarged to ten meters or more and to be installed in one of the major centers of the ancient or the modern Silk Road (the rail link between China and Germany, through Kazakhstan and Russia).


The Group REFUGIES, composed of Masetto, Povertà and the Heart for Children, is a Memorial to the countless fugitives crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Our Heart goes out in particular Empathy to their suffering children, who see their whole life destroyed.