About us

About us

“I believe deeply in the values of Beauty, Kindness and Truth.
Anna Chromy

The Anna Chromy Foundation is a public entity with three museum and activity locations: The Hague Netherlands; Oslo, Norway; Algarve, Portugal.
The Foundation has been endowed by Anna Chromy with over 500 of her works, including the monumental Cloak of Conscience.

The Foundation aims to globally promote and protect the works of Anna Chromy, arouse public social conscience, call for peace and empathy, strengthen international and inter-ethnic understanding and communication, through the promotion of Anna Chromy’s artworks and popularization of the artistic and philosophical spirit embodied in these works.

“I believe deeply in the values of Beauty, Kindness and Truth. I believe that it is urgent for the survival of humanity to create a renewed sense of ethics, once a domain of religions, and to create an economic system that can function without plundering the non-renewable resources of our mother Earth, and destroying the environment, our nest”. Anna Chromy

Stop for a moment and remind yourself that over seven billion people are breathing with you, right now, to understand that ONLY TOGETHER we can change the world – in the Name of the Cloak.  The message Anna Chromy portrays in her works is based on the consciousness of our interdependence and the moral and ethical conclusions to draw for our conscience.

Her numerous works spread all over the World, are a constant reminder for everybody. Look out on your next trip for a Cloak or other work of Anna; locate them on Google Maps before you leave; view them in Exhibitions and Theater and Music Events; and share your impressions with Anna on her website and social media.

Anna Chromy Foundation – Louis Couperusplain 2, NL 2514 Hp Den Haag

Anna Chromy, Director and Honorary Chairman
Wolfgang Stein, Director, Chairman
Lucia Fenton, Director and Company Secretary