Life-Time Awards Received​

Hereunder you’ll find some of the important recognitions Anna Chromy has received for her work and civic engagements.​

• Michelangelo Award (the “Sculptors Oscar”) in Tuscany, as first woman
• Honorary Fellow of the National Sculpture Association of China, Beijing
• Golden Medal of Prague 1 (Honorary Citizen)
• Golden Cloak of Conscience in Entrance Hall of National Museum of China
• First Western Artist invited to a Solo Exhibition in National Museum, Beijing
• Salvador Dali and Masaryk Price for European Reconciliation

• Medal Franz Kafka, Prague. Other Laureates: Steven Spielberg, Norman Mailer
• Premio Voce delle Alpe Apuane, Carrara, for the promotion of its marble
• China – Europe Cultural Exchange Ambassador, Phoenix TV, Beijing
• Monaco Ambassador of Asian Pacific Famous Female Federation, Shenzhen
• Received by Popes Jean Paul II and Benedict XVI for her Peace initiatives
• Complimented by Emmanuel Macron, President of France, as true European


The art of Anna Chromy and her Conscience Project have been acknowledged by many leading personalities. Here are a few examples