Anna Chromy in China

The National Museum of China has invited Anna Chromy to hold a solo exhibition of her works in March 2014. Use the sections below to review this exciting offering.


National Museum of China

National Museum of China

In March 2014, world renowned sculptor Anna Chromy will have the honour of being the first foreign artist to hold a solo exhibition in The National Museum of China, the world’s largest museum. Anna Chromy has become one of the most exhibited and awarded sculptors in the world today. And under the banner of ‘Conscience Art’ will be unveiling her sculptures & paintings to promote the international values of sustainability and goodwill. Through this celebration of creativity the exhibition will become the basis on which to build a social platform for dialogue around global creativity and sustainable values.

Anna Chromy & Conscience Art

Anna Chromy

Anna Chromy

Anna Chromy’s prolific career has seen over 50 permanent global installations, and global awards, exhibitions and accolades.

Her sculptures celebrate the moral stories of mankind, the ones from which our understanding of values are born. Her art can therefore be considered Sustainable or Conscience Art.

Anna’s creations will journey from their home in Tuscany to China’s capital, bringing east and west together on a scale only her bronze and marble masterpieces can.
This Conscience Art will become the platform where Europe and China come together to celebrate the beauty of creation, whilst developing sustainable and harmonious values.

A few of Anna’s many International Awards and Accolades are as follows:

2008 “Premio Michelangelo”

2005 Exhibition”Mythos Europe”on Place Vendome, Paris

2003 “Medal Franz Kafka” , Prague

Anna Chromy with The Cloak

On completing The Cloak

1999 Installation of a “Coat of Life”, or “Piétà” Salzburg Cathedral

1995 Installation “France Triomphante” and “Leporello”, France

2000 “The Sound of Bronze”, Prague,

2004 “Il Canto di Orpheo”, Pietrasanta

2005″Le Mythe D’Europe” Place Vendome, Paris

Anna’s masterpiece the ‘Cloak of Conscience‘ is a sculpture made from a single 5 meter high 250 ton block of Carrera marble, the largest ever cut.

It is our conscience which enables us to see the joy and beauty in life. The hollow interior means you are able to walk inside the sculpture – thus enjoying the calm and protection it offers.

The Exhibition & Social Platform

National Museum of China

National Museum of China

Conscience Art Exhibition

  • A celebration of creativity and ethical story telling through Art, held in China’s premier cultural location.
  • 16 Sculptures
  • 60 Paintings
  • 100 Drawings
  • Social Conscience Platform
  • Creative and social events are created where thought leaders can come together and discuss the global issues surrounding Society & Culture.
  • Politicians / Ambassador’s & Celebrity cocktail dinner
  • International cultural forum
  • Charity Auction



National Museum, Beijing

National Museum of China, Beijing

After a four year, $380 million refurbishment, the National Museum of China finally opened its doors to the public as the largest exhibition space on the planet, bigger than both the Louvre in Paris and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

An integrated national museum under the Ministry of Culture of China, draws equally from both history and art and is dedicated to its collections, exhibitions, research, archaeology, public education and cultural communication.

The museum has become Chinas most prestigious event location, with many luxury brands being lucky enough to have access to the space over the past year.

Exhibition Layout

Chromy Exhibition Layout

Chromy Exhibition Layout

The Entrance Hall will show all 16 monumental sculptures in eight groups. These are the same sculptures which were on display all around the Old Port of St. Tropez in the summer of 2011.

The South Hall no.4 on the first floor, will exhibit 60 large oil paintings, among them the Chromology cycle, and 100 drawings.

It will also have a projection space showing a 3D movie on The Cloak of Conscience and other videos. Here it will also be possible to show a presentation by the title sponsor of the event.


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