Chromy Award

The Chromys – An Award for Personalities Blessed With an Exemplary Conscience

“The ultimate test of man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.” Gaylord Nelson

Our conscience makes us see the beauty in life and feel the mysterious. It instills love into our hearts, and it makes us strive for the sublimity and the harmonious order, which reveal themselves both in nature and in the world of thought.

According to Aristotle, beauty as a metaphysical ideal reveals itself to man through harmony, which is the source of felicity. An opinion shared by Confucius. Based on these axioms, Anna Chromys has devoted her artistic life to create works which instill harmony into our hearts and raise our conscience for the beauty and the vulnerability of the Creation.

With her Cloak of Conscience she has created a space of meditation and the global symbol for the most pressing issues facing humanity’s sustainable development, in social, economic, and environmental areas.

In her different paintings and sculptures she addresses specific questions of the environment, such as the vanishing biodiversity, the depletion of natural resources, the protection of rainforests and the seas, without neglecting the injustices in the supply of food, water, and medicines among the world’s citizens.

It is the first time that an artist has deliberately devoted all her force and enthusiasm to creating paintings and sculptures which appeal to our conscience and spur us to participate in the change to a better world. Cloaks, installed in various locations, public exhibitions of her works, a powerful website and social networks, confront audiences of hundreds of thousands with the visual “Conscience” message and the necessity for Sustainable Development.

To extend the reach, the Conscience Institute has created The Chromys Award, which honors personalities blessed with an exemplary conscience, who have contributed through their life-time work to make this planet a more livable place for future generations.

Each year Anna Chromy and the Directors of The Conscience Institute select the Chromy Laureates from the list of Nominees submitted by the Internet community. They receive their Trophies in the form of the Cloak of Conscience at special events selected by Laureates.


Pope Benedict XVI
Receives a Chromy Award

Elie Wiesel received a Chromy award
from Albert II of Monaco in 2009

Before the creation of the Chromys as a permanent institution in 2012 a Chromy Award was handed to Pope Benedict XVI in 2008 and to Elie Wiesel in 2009. Information on other trophies created by Anna Chromy, like the “Olivier d’Or” or the “Equus”, can be found under The Artist, in the Biography and in Conscience Art.

Michelle Rodriquez and Paul Shepherd

Michelle Rodriguez received a Chromy
on behalf of Commander Paul Watson,
Founder of the Sea Shepherd Foundation.

In 2012 the only Chromys Laureate was Commander Paul Watson, the Founder and Chairman of Sea Shepherd Foundation. Unable to receive his award in person it was received on his behalf by Michelle Rodriguez during the Cannes Film Festival.

In the first half of 2013 the following personnalities will receive a Chromy Award at an event of their choice:

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
Tony Juniper
Allain Bougrain Dubourg
Philippe Pozzo di Borgo

For the full list of Chromy Nominations, See this page

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